Sometimes we like to have the media , our corporate clients, festival directors, agnecies and producers speak for us.





"You had us all on the edge of our seats."


"I really like thier stuff."

Lee Evans

"We knew the show had really started when you came on."

Alan Cummings


"Can you make a living out of this?"

HRH Prince Charles

"They should have a whole episode of the X-files to themselves."

Johnathan Ross



"Unlike just about anything else on the circuit, these speedy oddballs have a humour all their own... breathtakingly funny"

The Scotsman - UK


"Stretch People blasted us with a blend of physical comedy and eccentric dance, near comic perfection."

Brighton Argos, UK


"There's something irresistible about their genious beaming manner... a hilarious duo"

Edmonton Journal - Canada


"A delightful act, which makes much play."

Irish Times - N. Ireland


"Stretch People really have the gift to take you away, extremely funny and lovely."

Quebec Journal - Canada


"Flawless performers... they are hilarious ... and their balancing act, amazing ."

Talkin Broadway - USA

"Martin Varallo and john Beresford as Stretch People are as funny as ever!"

The Stage

"The night ended with dynamic slapstick twosome Stretch People perched on a pile of chairs. A perfect example of the way that circus can still hit the heights when it gets the balance right."

The Evening Standard - UK



"I'd never seen anything like it - nor had our audience. It was cutting edge entertainment, innovative and very funny."

Crine Network - International


"There was a wide variety of nationalities and culutres present at the gala dinner. I was delighted with their ability to adapt their performance and involve us all in their hilarious antics."

Ionica International Gala - UK




"A unique comic duo, clever and talanted... with carzy physical humour."

Teatro Zinzanni - San Francisco
"Excellent comedians... great charisma and stage presence."

Pomp, Duck and Circumstance - Berlin


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